Serve it to your model friends

This cocktail has butter in it and lots of it. 

The following might be daunting for some (it involves xanthan gum), but fear not – you can always join us for one at the bar.   This recipe is courtesy of Nils Norén and Dave Arnold.  For more of their antics, check out their blog Cooking Issues


Cold buttered rum being served at our High Tech Cocktails class on 6/12

Cold Buttered Rum
2.75 parts Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
2 parts butter syrup (recipe below)
0.5 parts strained lime juice
pinch salt
optional garnish: vacuum-infused pineapple


Procedure: mix rum, butter syrup, lime juice and salt in a shaker and dry shake (no ice) for a few seconds to combine.  Add mucho ice and shake.  Strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with infused pineapple

Butter Syrup
200 g water
3 g TIC Pretested Ticaloid 210S (gum arabic and xanthan gum mix)
130 g melted butter
200 g sugar
10 allspice berries, crushed

Procedure: heat water and infuse allspice berries for 5 minutes at a simmer.  Strain out allspice.  Hydrate 3 g Ticaloid 210S in the allspice infused water with a hand blender (you’ll have better luck if you let the water cool).  Add 130 g butter and blend til smooth.  Add 200 g sugar and blend til smooth.  This syrup lasts a long time – it may start to separate, but can easily be stirred back together.

Rum infused pineapple – if you don’t have a vacuum, just soak ’em

This drink tastes like it should have an umbrella in it or be served at a swim-up bar – sweet, spicy, refreshing and with that butter, a guilty pleasure on a hot day.

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