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Because the NYT wasn’t enough

Check out the review of Earl’s in the New Yorker.  Guys, you rock.

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GQ’s New Rules of Wine

Found a great article today in the October issue of GQ: The New Rules of Wine.  Some of my favorite lines:

*Of course grapes grown in different places taste different; that’s a banality no one disputes.

*…when you open a bottle of rosé champagne, people understand that you are spoiling them.

*Stop giving the wine list to the oldest, richest-looking dude at every table.

*And for the love of God, don’t sniff the cork.

Worth a full read!

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Summer wines in Women’s Health Magazine

Thanks to my friend Andrea, I got a blurb in July’s Women’s Health Magazine.

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Earl’s in TONY

Get your growler on. Photo by Paul Wagtouicz.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese is at it again. This time, they’re featured in the “Where to Drink this Week” section of Time Out New York.

Worth a trip uptown, indeed.

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A new wine wheel

I use Ann C. Noble’s wine aroma wheel in several of my classes.  Say what you will about it.  Supplying people with vocabulary to accurately describe what they’re smelling and tasting is a great way to get them excited about wine.

On Grub Street yesterday, a new kind of wheel popped up – one to decipher wine labels.

The accompanying article is worth reading.  The teaser line is,  “Without labels of jumping kangaroos, how would we know which wines to avoid?”

Some highlights:

On French labels…”It’s the fancy stuff, and it will taste sort of like dirt, but in a good way.”

On diluted French labels…”Take the French label and remove a lot of the words. Voilà! ”

On graphic design sub-class Pottery Barn…”American wine that tastes like the vanilla-scented candle they always put in those catalogue rooms.”

On nostalgic vacation labels…”These wine labels are sort of ingenious in that they skip over the wine entirely — “Who cares what grape it is! There’s a flip-flop on the label!” — and go straight to the lifestyle you imagine yourself having while you drink it….I have had enough hangovers to know with full certainty that these are cheap wines that taste like hangovers.”


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Royal Wedding wines

Cork Savvy published a piece I wrote about what to drink while watching the Royal Wedding.  You can check it out here.

I guess at this point, it’s what to pair with the re-runs.

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Drinking on the job

I’m losing a day in the air, so I thought this could hold you over.

Earlier this week, The LA Times reported that French riot police were protesting a ban on drinking on the job.

French riot police. AP photo by Laurent Cipriani. Appeared in The Guardian. Their dark blue armored uniform has led to the nickname RoboCops.

Some highlights from the article:

*The Interior Ministry ordered the crackdown last week after several officers with the CRS, whose motto is “Serve,” were pictured swigging from beer bottles while deployed last fall at a student demonstration.

*Article R4228-20 of the French Labor Code, which bars the consumption of hard alcohol in the workplace, does allow public and private employees to enjoy about an 8-ounce glass of wine, a small beer or a glass of apple or pear cider while on duty. The rule was reiterated in an official directive to public workers in 1989.

*Even packed lunches issued to CRS officers deployed in their trademark navy blue vans and buses come with a small bottle of beer or wine.

*Police union boss Mangione told Le Parisien: “Decisions such as this should be based on studies of the real negative effects. There are none. This ban should be withdrawn.”  He added, “We are being turned into priests, but without the communion wine.”

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