She is a thing of beauty

I’m not talking about Stella, but rather our long-awaited building permit.

I wanted to frame it, but we had to post it on the front door.

I never thought I’d be so happy to see holes cut out of the floor.

Future kitchen.

We are now the proud owners of a 100 lb. grease trap.  I’m becoming an expert in things I never thought I wanted to know.

Future bathroom. Don't worry, this is the small one.


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4 responses to “She is a thing of beauty

  1. YMIL

    Hooray for you and abv! You think you’re happy now? One good poem deserves another:
    “… but don’t grow sad.
    …the sweetness…
    is proportionate to the pain of the journey.
    You’ll only enjoy the city and your relations
    after enduring all the griefs and ordeals …”

  2. Her Dad

    Keep those pictures coming!

  3. Mike Messenie

    Alexis! How are you.. what is this breaking of ground. I’d love to catch up and see what is new ~ Miss meeting with you! Shoot me an email if you have a chance. M

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