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We all scream…

…for ice cream pops.

Gearing up for summer (should it ever decide to arrive), I purchased Tovolo Shooting Star Pop Molds.  They also make them in a bomb pop shape – those red, white and blue beauties were always my favorite from the Mr. Frosty truck  – it was a tough call.   We made our  inaugural pops with wild strawberries and drinkable yogurt from Milk Thistle Farm.   Milk Thistle’s a family-owned farm in the Hudson Valley and in addition to making some very tasty milk, they claim to know all of their cows by name.  This last tidbit was especially welcome news after having seen the movie, Food, Inc. a few days ago.   

strawberry close up

Wild berries are in at the market

We added some sugar and some water, thinking they might freeze better and tossed everything in the blender.  I’d probably omit the water next time around, to get more of the tangy, yogurt notes. 



This was not a very scientific recipe, but the quantities were something like this:
*8 oz. yogurt
*8 oz. water
*8 oz. strawberries
*4 tablespoons sugar

We filled the molds, leaving about 1/2 inch at the top, to let them expand and we left them for about 8 hours.  The Tovolo company says to wait at least 4, so kudos to us.  

finished popsi cle
the finished pop, turned to hide a bite mark

Yesterday, we made an agua fresca mix of pineapple, mango and strawberry and some of that mix has made it into the molds of the recently-eaten strawberry pops.  Their status remains to-be-eaten – I’ll keep you posted. 

In true thirsty fashion, I also have some ideas for adding some spirits to the mix.  Frozen juleps, daiquiris, fruit caipirinhas – on a stick, with a drip tray!  Sure would beat a brown bag on a stroll through the city.


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