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Feel the burn

I love exercise tv.  Yoga, pilates or classes with the word “bikini” in their title – all without leaving your house or owning a DVD player.

A few of the classes require additional equipment that you’re not warned about in advance.  Hence, the scene below:

Working out with wine bottles with tv

If you look closely, you’ll notice our instructor has a dumbbell.  I do not own dumbbells, but I do always have a few bottles of wine on hand.  Still wine in a 750 ml bottle weighs around 3 lbs, while Champagne and liter bottles clock in closer to 4 lbs – perfect for the low-weight, high-repetition exercises often required in workout videos.

Now, I haven’t done a post yet about proper wine storage, but I’m pretty sure you could guess that you might not want to try this with any of the prizes in your wine collection.

Go make Jane Fonda proud.


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