Virtual cellar

How many times have you enjoyed a great bottle of wine and then instantly forgotten the name of it?  I have an easy and free solution for you. 

1. Take a picture of the wine bottle you’d like to remember using the camera on your cell phone.

2. Email the picture to  If you choose to add a subject, that will become the title of your entry –  “Lucien Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace” or “last night’s dinner at L’Ecole”.  If you choose to add any text in the body of the email, that will become your description – “sparkling, pink and delicious” or “great with oysters”.

3. Log-in to  If you don’t have an account with them yet, you can still sign in:

User Name: your email

Password: your email

Your email will be recognized and a virtual cellar will be started for you.  Your photos will show up in “The Wine Diary”.  Don’t stress about what you write in step #2 because you can add more details to any of your entries whenever you choose.  You can also change your password once you log-in to your account. 

No label savers, scrapbooks or iPhone apps required.  How cool is that?


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2 responses to “Virtual cellar

  1. stevenshawnyc

    So cool. And I thought this might be the day I wouldn’t learn something new.

  2. best tip ever – i’m so excited to use this.

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