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Calling all coffee freaks

Want to serve better coffee at your restaurant or café?  Wish you could enjoy a better cup at home?  I’ve got the class for you! 

The International Culinary Center has partnered with illycaffè to offer their renowned coffee “sommelier” training program.  Ten years ago illy began Università del Caffè at their headquarters in Trieste, Italy as a way to train their employees, purveyors, distributors, retailers and consumers and now we’re launching the first one in NYC.  

Join us starting June 1 for an intensive two-day course where we’ll cover everything from the history of coffee and its cultural significance to how it goes from being fruit on a tree to part of your morning routine.  We’ll also feature several tastings and interactive discussions and you’ll get hands-on training on the Ferraris of the espresso machine world. 

You’ll pick up some pretty nerdy trivia, too.  Like, did you know there are 50 beans in a single espresso and that if just one is not perfect, the flavor in your cup will be off?  I’ll be there leading some tastings and I’ll be joined by some very charming Italians.   For more details and to sign up, go here.



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