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Bubbly by the Bathroom

Last night I checked out Table 8, the new Govind Armstrong restaurant that opened three weeks ago in the Cooper Square Hotel.

Table 8 bar

Stepping into the bar transported me to South Beach – glass everywhere, flowing curtains, a little untz-untz music. The place was full – suits, leggy women and a boisterous group of young men pounding Heineken and Corona. We snagged a just-vacated seat at the bar and struck up a conversation with the bartender.

He sheepishly admitted that they didn’t have a cocktail list printed yet (…hey, if you guys need help, let me know!), but he was happy to offer some suggestions. We ended up with these:

Table 8 cocktails

The one on the left is called Basil 8 and is made with vodka, muddled white grapes, basil, simple syrup, lime and ginger ale. The one on the right is CB3, their take on an old-fashioned with rye, honey and orange bitters. Both were well-balanced, fragrant, refreshing and tasty enough to keep us from getting cranky while waiting for a table. Click here for the best part

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