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Give them the Finger Lakes

At the beginning of the month, I had a post about wine on tap.  Intrigued about the supplier for the Riesling at Terroir, I did some research and came across this:

I found this on Dr. Vino’s blog.  It’s worth scrolling to the bottom of his post to see how fired up some people got about this t-shirt design.  Lenn from the New York Cork Report states the Riesling is being made by Lamoreaux Landing.

I also learned that the wine is represented locally by Skurnik.  The kegs are 20,000 ml, just over 26 bottles.  Argon is used to protect the wine from oxidation inside the keg.  I’m waiting to hear back on what else is required for installation.  If it’s just a matter of making room in the low-boy, we’ll make a go of it.


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