Wine on tap

An article ran last week in SF Gate about several restaurants in California and beyond starting to serve wine on tap.

Gus Vahlkamp, one of the wine directors interviewed, stated, “One of the things that’s always bothered me about wine prices is that you can’t get a decent glass of wine for the price of draft beer…here you can try a glass, and it’ll cost you $4.”  Hells, yeah.

I just read today in NY Mag that the new branch of Terroir opening in Tribeca will feature a Finger Lakes Riesling on tap.  I hope it’s just the beginning.


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5 responses to “Wine on tap

  1. trinity

    i like the sound of that!

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  3. richardjohnguy

    I’ve generally found Finger Lakes wines to be a bit overpriced… I can’t decide if that means they’re good candidates or bad ones for keg-delivery – it’s either reducing a problem (for the wine) or failing to capitalise optimally on a virtue (for the keg). Either way, I’d be very interested to taste the result: very interesting, thanks.

    …I’m also imagining a “go deep” t-shirt for Seneca Lake, but maybe that assumes too much local knowledge.

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