Animal interruption

Someone on our trip asked at a wine luncheon if joeys were available for purchase at pet stores.  A winemaker snorted and replied, “shit, no.”

Taking a morning stroll through the Kaiser Stuhl Conservation Park in Eden, we were able to see our first kangaroos at a photograph-worthy distance.

In addition to grazing, I saw them kissing.

I also saw them hopping (duh).

Our group, among the gums. I am thankful for such a lovely bunch of folks, as we are spending an ungodly amount of quality time with one another. I wonder how many bottles of wine have been consumed between us so far? I bet someone has been keeping track. I may or may not publish that number.

On our way to Adelaide, we passed through a high koala traffic area.

Turns out that in the tree next to the caution sign along the highway, we spotted a koala.

This animal-heavy day also happened to include Hill of Grace and Grange, but that is for another post.


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2 responses to “Animal interruption

  1. Her Dad

    Can you eat kangaroo meat or is it tough and chewy with all that jumping around they do?

  2. athirstyspirit

    It’s not bad, actually. Think less-gamey venison.

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