Daily Archives: May 7, 2011

Animal interruption

Someone on our trip asked at a wine luncheon if joeys were available for purchase at pet stores.  A winemaker snorted and replied, “shit, no.”

Taking a morning stroll through the Kaiser Stuhl Conservation Park in Eden, we were able to see our first kangaroos at a photograph-worthy distance.

In addition to grazing, I saw them kissing.

I also saw them hopping (duh).

Our group, among the gums. I am thankful for such a lovely bunch of folks, as we are spending an ungodly amount of quality time with one another. I wonder how many bottles of wine have been consumed between us so far? I bet someone has been keeping track. I may or may not publish that number.

On our way to Adelaide, we passed through a high koala traffic area.

Turns out that in the tree next to the caution sign along the highway, we spotted a koala.

This animal-heavy day also happened to include Hill of Grace and Grange, but that is for another post.


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