The pre-turkey push

With all that has been going on, we weren’t planning on making our annual trek upstate for Thanksgiving.  Instead, we invited our families to NYC, to celebrate with us, at our unfinished bar.  A charming idea that required quite a bit of work, but was a success.

The floor was in, but needed to be spot sanded.

The varnish we applied to the floor was pretty gnarly, hence Noah's Star Wars get-up.

What Thanksgiving would be complete without duct work? Here, our air conditioning duct is going in.

The kitchen equipment wasn't going to be ready (which also posed some unique challenges for the holiday), but the Ansul system was.

We thought some lights would be nice. We're making many of the fixtures ourselves. Here, Noah is cutting some pipe.

The light fixture making has been a family affair. Here's Corey, cutting more pipe while meeting the neighbors.

We also managed to finish one bathroom in time. Here's the happy group at the end of the night. Some folks had already left. At one point, we numbered over 30.


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4 responses to “The pre-turkey push

  1. Her Dad

    And what a swell party it was!

  2. If Andrew’s right, I’m sad to that the lines are uimafilnar. But it’s been a LONG time since I saw Unforgiven just the once, and never did see No Country.I can’t even throw a guess out for the second one. Dangit!

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