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It’s starting to look like a bar

This week we installed the bar framing. This piece needed a little trim to fit properly around the floor drain.

Even with just the framing for the two bars, it's starting to feel like a real place.

Sizing the drink rail for one of the front windows. It will be a great people watching spot.

Sheet rocking began in the basement on Saturday. We had to wait until we had run the phone, security camera and cat5 cables.

We purchased extra wood along with our flooring. Here, I'm staining what will become a bench. Working on the sidewalk is a good way to meet the neighbors.


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Time Out New York recently had a feature on new-school wine bars and we made the hotly-anticipated list.

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Progress report, v. 4

Much has happened since the last progress report.

Mike rented a UHaul to bring our flooring and stools home from Elmira. We unloaded it around 11 pm. It must have been quite a sight.

The team. Happy that 800+ square feet of reclaimed barn wood is off the truck.

We had the stools professionally sand blasted. Here, we are scrubbing and staining them.

We picked up some extra wood. This is being scrubbed in preparation to become the bar soffit.

...which looks like this.

We will also be cleaning up the hood area, with a kitchen soffit, framed here.

Noah assisting Michael with the kitchen bar framing.

The sub flooring went in over two evenings this week. Saving room for a mat at the front.

Our hatch, with 2 coats of rustoleum. One of the best looking in town, for sure.

Our friend Justin came to town to help us install the flooring. They'll wrap up today.


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