Progress report, v. 4

Much has happened since the last progress report.

Mike rented a UHaul to bring our flooring and stools home from Elmira. We unloaded it around 11 pm. It must have been quite a sight.

The team. Happy that 800+ square feet of reclaimed barn wood is off the truck.

We had the stools professionally sand blasted. Here, we are scrubbing and staining them.

We picked up some extra wood. This is being scrubbed in preparation to become the bar soffit.

...which looks like this.

We will also be cleaning up the hood area, with a kitchen soffit, framed here.

Noah assisting Michael with the kitchen bar framing.

The sub flooring went in over two evenings this week. Saving room for a mat at the front.

Our hatch, with 2 coats of rustoleum. One of the best looking in town, for sure.

Our friend Justin came to town to help us install the flooring. They'll wrap up today.


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5 responses to “Progress report, v. 4

  1. Her Dad

    Starting to come together now!

  2. Auntie Mary

    It sure looks great! We’ll come and check it out in December!

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