Daily Archives: December 15, 2011

All I want for Christmas

It’s not my two front teeth.  I’m sure you all can guess.  I am happy to announce that all construction will be wrapped up by this weekend.

Our two walk-in boxes have been installed.

We poured the floors behind both bars. They've since been covered with grippy, waterproof epoxy. We'll be starting to move equipment in today!

Con Ed installed our meter this week. Our landlord was thrilled by the holes in the sidewalk and on Lexington Ave.

Mike working on more of our lighting. With all of our extra time, we're going to start a lamp manufacturing business on the side. All of our lights will be hung by tomorrow.

I wanted to play Darth Vader, too. My wine room is now "pumpkin spice".

Our freshly painted basement stairs. We're keeping it chipper down there.

I am thrilled about our cocktail program. I'm getting some help from a very talented friend. Mike and I were hard at work taste testing in this photo.

I could open a restaurant out of my apartment right now. Those glass racks are taller than me. Excited to start moving all of this stuff to the bar this weekend.


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