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Get schooled on summer sippers

think pink

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love pink wine.  Crisp, refreshing and easy to drink; it’s the wine I crave the most once the temperature begins to rise. 

Whether you’re a rosé drinker or a skeptic, you should join us at The FCI on Monday, May 17th from 6:30-8:30 pm for Rosé Wines: Summer Sippers

You’ll learn how rosé is made and how to pair it with food for the ultimate picnic. 

No white zinfandel will be served.


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Let the bittering begin

On Sunday we decided to make bitters.  Watch out, Regan and Peychaud.

A trip to "Dual Specialty Store" on 1st and 5th yielded half of our ingredients.  If you've never been here, go!

A trip to "Dual Specialty Store" on 1st and 5th yielded half of our ingredients. If you've never been here, go!

A trip to Bowery and Vine for Wray & Nephew’s White Overproof Rum yielded the other half.

We're experimenting with roots, barks, spices and rums. Specific recipes to follow, pending a taste test in a few weeks.


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F is for foxy

Drawing courtesy of robotkatsen's flickr stream. Not what we're talking about here, but still awesome.

You may be a cute little heartbreaker, but the foxy I’m referring to today is a pretty negative term that folks use when a wine has aromas more like animal fur than fruit or flowers.  The odor may also come across as grape-y, candy-like or similar to tiny wild strawberries. 

Studies have shown it might be caused by methyl anthranilate and/or o-amino acetophenone.  This is a little much for a Friday afternoon, so just know that it is commonly associated with grapes in the Vitis labrusca species, and the Concord grape in particular.  Concords are widely planted in New York State and are best known for their role in Welch’s grape juice. 

Earlier harvesting or longer cask aging has been shown to reduce some of Concord’s foxy characteristics.

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Pair it!

I just stumbled across this app and though the song in the video is grating, it has some good features; you can search for a pairing based on what wine you’d like or what dish you’re having, you can add personalized notes for every wine, dish or pairing and the data is stored locally on your device, so can access it regardless of the status of your internet connection.

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Skoal party

To celebrate the birthdays of Nils and Dave (and as an excuse for skoaling), there was a party this past weekend.  If this skoaling business is new for you, click here for full details.

Finger Lakes Distilling sponsored the majority of the booze. Have you ever had a corn juice cocktail?

The aquavit elixer, waiting for its next victims.

The ladies bring in the original skoaling Swede for inspiration.

Shouldn't these three start a band?

Their glasses may be missing, but there's plenty of love.


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$8 ice cubes

Hal over at A Muddled Thought recently posted about Gläce Luxury Ice Company.  He did a side-by-side comparison with home made ice and the Gläce ice was not only more attractive, but also lasted longer.  It ought to at $8 a pop.  This is what I use at home:

For the price of 2 Glace balls, you can get a spherical ice tray at the MoMA store.

 To their credit, it looks like the Gläce folks threw a pretty fun party at the Playboy Mansion.

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Keep trussing that chicken

Thirsty with a macedoine salad

After working at the FCI since 2006, I finally took my first culinary class this week; Knife Skills, Deboning and Filleting.  I can jardinière, macédoine and émincer like nobody’s business, though, the cocotte is another story. 

You may be asking what this has to do with a beverage blog.  More professional looking drink garnishes and tastier meals to pair with wine are two things that come to mind. 

A nicely-shaped and juicy bird to accompany your beverage of choice.

To be perfectly honest, when I heard we were trussing chickens, a certain Fox newscaster came to mind and gave me an excuse (albeit imperfect) to post this video clip on my site.


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