If only it were so easy

Doing some house cleaning today (don’t make fun), I found an apron that I hadn’t seen in a while.


Instead of suggesting that you kiss the cook or that too many brews spoil that cook, this apron offered something even sillier – a six-step recipe for fine wine – not that it’s necessarily wrong.  In coming weeks I’ll write more about wine-making.  I can’t make it this easy, but I’ll do my best.  Stay tuned.

wine recipe


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2 responses to “If only it were so easy

  1. Her Dad

    I’m so proud. After all these years you finally cleaned up your room!

  2. I’m pretty sure that recipe is not correct at all. Last I checked you start by browning the grapes with butter in a cast iron skillet. This compote of sorts then goes into a blender and you add the yeast, a dash of seltzer, and herbs-to-flavor. Then it goes in a barrel (direct sunlight if possible) where it roasts for 2 – 3 weeks. Simple as that.

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