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A perfect finish


the signature 20 ml bottle, dubbed the "portion of well-being"

I couldn’t believe my luck when I noticed the Underberg behind the bar at the hotel in Mühlheim. We heard stories from multiple winemakers in Germany about “wild porks” running through the vineyards and I had just finished a braised leg of one with a side of sauerkraut that contained potatoes, cheese and more pork.

this much food calls for a digestive

this much food calls for a digestive

I discovered Underberg 4 or 5 years ago and would purchase it regularly from Amazon. Sadly, they stopped carrying it and it fell off my radar. The company was founded in 1846 and the founder’s grandson developed the “portion-sized” bottle in the 1940s. The family, now on their 5th generation, safeguards the secret recipe which contains over 40 aromatic herbs.

I think of it as a less-sweet and tastier version of Fernet-Branca. It’s perfectly balanced and will make you feel like maybe you weren’t such a pig at dinner.

The bartender at the hotel also shared a cool party trick with me regarding the bottles. He claimed that the Underberg bottle was carefully shaped so that only Underberg would pour successfully from it. I was skeptical, so after stocking up at the Frankfurt airport, I tested his theory upon my return home. Sure enough, I drank the Underberg, re-filled the bottle with water, turned it upside down over the sink and not a drop escaped.

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