Jamaican me thirsty

I’m not sure if this name will fly once we actually put this cocktail on the list, but for now I’ve found it quite entertaining.

I recently got in a cool product called St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram from my friend Scott who distributes products from Alpenz.  Essentially, it’s a rum-based liqueur flavored with allspice berries.  These are no ordinary allspice berries, however.  They’re from Jamaica and they give the spirit a rich smell of baking spices – clove, cinnamon and nutmeg (“all” spices in one – get it?), along with a spicy, pepper finish.  It will make great fall and winter cocktails – mulled ciders, warm punches, etc. 

In some recipes this liqueur is listed as Pimento Dram.  The pimento refers to the berry from which the allspice is derived and is not to be confused with that flavorless red thing jammed into your olive.  I found a few definitions for dram, the most likely being an informal expression of a small amount of liquid (often in reference to Scotch).  The fact that dram can also be used as a measure of the powder charge in a shotgun shell was also quite compelling. 

The label claims it’s a tradition of the West Indies, yet it’s bottled in Austria.  Go figure.

Shortly after getting the product in house, Scott emailed over a recipe for me to try.  With a few tweaks, here it is:

guests in the background wondering why I'd want to photograph bottles of booze

guests in the background wondering why I'd want to photograph bottles of booze

1.5 oz. bourbon
1 oz. Finger Lakes Distilling Cassis Liqueur
just under 0.5 oz. St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 egg white (gives great body and texture to the drink – don’t be scared!)
healthy pinch salt
club soda




Combine all ingredients in a shaker and do a pre-shake without ice – this helps to incorporate the egg white.  Add ice, shake again, strain into a chilled up glass and top with club soda.  It was so pretty on its own, I didn’t garnish it.  Maybe a lemon twist?

my bartender Gene doing the egg honors

my bartender Gene doing the egg honors

pink, frothy, spicy, refreshing - what more do you need?

pink, frothy, spicy, refreshing - what more do you need?


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3 responses to “Jamaican me thirsty

  1. Her Dad

    It looks like chocolate pudding.

  2. hungrysofia

    I think this is your best post title/drink pun yet.

  3. There was a doctor on moirnng tv today saying that Butter should be banned due to heart disease! The nanny state is going mad, next it will be cars because of road deaths,sweets because of tooth decay,blogs because of eye strain ans sex because its not fair that some people aint getting as much as some others.

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