Fall Sangria

A Thirsty Spirit is back after a summer hiatus.  Here are some food and beverage related summer highlights:


This was our ABV 4th of July combo. Yep, that’s a blue beer. Our dog had miso cream cheese, scallions, and potato sticks.


Checking out veraison at Red Tail Ridge at the end of July.


Eating my weight in seafood on a trip to Northern Spain in August.


Those Spaniards make a mean cafe con leche.


The love for food over there is so strong that we were able to get this amazing looking (and delicious) breakfast at a gas station!


And, of course, the wine and cocktails weren’t too shabby, either. This is a Negroni from one of Madrid’s classic cocktail bars, Museo Chicote.


My favorite beverage of the trip, however, was cider. Here’s Noah practicing his pouring technique.


My first US Open. Stocking up on cocktails during a rain delay. Thanks to the weather, I got to see Sharapova and Roddick in one day.


Catching lunch in Montauk.

And, now to the point of this posting, Fall Sangria.  


Corey made me a simple syrup with cinnamon, allspice, clove, nutmeg, star anise and fennel seed. He also cooked down apples, pears and cranberries with a little bit of sugar.


I combined the fruit and the syrup with Chardonnay, white Port and lemon juice, and voila, Fall Sangria at ABV.

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  1. Alexis' Dad

    Glad to see you are back at work Thirsty.

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