Think Wine Spectator will cover it?

More plausible than keeping hearts young or preventing extensive brain damage following a stroke, red wine may increase women’s libido!

Doctors at the University of Florence studied 800 women, aged 18-50, and split them into 3 groups; those who regularly consumed 1 or 2 glasses of red wine per day, those who consumed less than 1 glass per day of any type of wine or alcohol and those who didn’t consume any alcohol at all.

They chose to exclude women who drank more than 2 glasses per day, removing inebriation as an obvious study flaw.

All participants filled out a questionnaire titled “Female Sexual Function Index”, which is apparently used by doctors to assess women and their sexual health. It’s 19 questions long and the final scores can range from 2-36, with higher scores equating better function. Sounds like something you’d find in Cosmo or Seventeen, don’t you think?

The red wine drinkers averaged 27.3, while those who consumed less frequently averaged 25.9 and those who abstained clocked in around 24.4. These results have been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The exact correlation between the red wine and better sexual function is unclear (shocker), but one of the current theories is that antioxidants in the red wine widen the blood vessels, therefore increasing blood flow to key areas of the female body.

The study doesn’t clarify whether the red wine is actually doing something to women’s libidos or whether women who have healthy sexual appetites also have a healthy thirst for wine, but regardless, viva red wine!  I’d buy into this before I’d be convinced that chocolate is good for my health.


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2 responses to “Think Wine Spectator will cover it?

  1. Hey I’m all for anything that increases women’s libido. Everyone that talks about the health benefits of wine continually forget the best benefit. It’s good for the soul to sit down with friends and family and drink good wine while eating good food and talk about the good times. Cheers!

  2. Great post, I favorited your blog post so I can visit again in the near future, All the Best

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