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The Final Countdown

Let me get you up to speed!

Anton installed our draft lines. 6 beer lines and 4 for wine.

We tiled the front of the food bar.

Our custom banquette was installed. Corey tested it out for us.

We assembled the shelving for the wine room. We picked up our license from the SLA last week, so this puppy is on its way to being full.

All of our friends who come to see us get put to work, especially those who are handy. Here, McCloskey attaches our table bases.

Oh, Philipp's in town? I hear he's good with a sander. Finishing our last table!


We bought a desk for the office at a church rummage sale. Noah walked it the 5 blocks to our bar using a hand truck. Here, Mike and Noah assess the best way to get it down the hatch.

Putting the mirrors on the back bar.

Leo joined us for cocktail training.

Corey enjoying the aftermath of cocktail training.

We hung our menu boards. We're waiting for our last batch of letters to arrive. At one point, we contemplated basing our menus on what letters we had.


We had our textured wallpaper installed and then we painted it.

Noah adding a metallic gold coat to the front bar. Wait until you see step 2.

We had a photo shoot yesterday. Stay tuned to learn what is was for!
















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