Readying the Rye

Finger Lakes Distilling is about to release their newest product – rye – and this past weekend we got to help in the fun.

tasting notes

writing tasting notes. hammer is optional.

working the bottling machine

working the bottling machine.

filling bottles

reminiscent of a dairy farm, don't you think?

biv and ak assemby line

the labels are the trickiest part.

applying the necker

applying the necker.

drying the capsule

sealing the capsule. not your average blow-drier.

finished product

finished in sherry barrels, this rye is smooth for such a young whiskey with notes of orange peel, cardamom and butterscotch.


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3 responses to “Readying the Rye

  1. Chris

    That looks like a lot of fun!

    How long is it aged?
    Do you know where you’ll be able to get it in NYC?

  2. athirstyspirit

    Hi Chris. Thanks for reading! It’s a aged a little over a year – first in charred barrels and then in sherry casks.

    I’m going to be placing their products in NYC, so hopefully soon the answer will be all over!

    In the meantime, they keep an updated list on their website:

  3. John Bick

    Ya know, at first glance in the labeling pic it looks as though that girl is holding your hair Alexis… 🙂

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