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Malt on my mind

On Monday night I went to a dinner at the James Beard House titled “The Pig and The Malt”.  It was a GQ Cooks series featuring The Glenlivet and April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig (and the newly opened Breslin).

It was some of the tastiest pig I’ve had.  After my first bite of braised pork belly cotechino with fennel and mostarda di cremona, my husband asked, “Are you ok?” and my new acquaintance on my left said, “Wow, you must really like this dish.”  I laugh now thinking what face I must have made, but on with the beverage.

My favorite whisky of the evening was a single malt, cask strength called The Nàdurra, Gaelic for natural.  Intense, rich and fruity with a smoky spice.  When it came to pairing with the Pig Trio of pork terrine, head cheese and rillettes, the Riesling that was served was no match.  I was tickled that this was my favorite because I happen to have a bottle of it on my desk.


I have it for research purposes. Honest.

We’re throwing a dinner together with The Brandy Library in a few weeks and The Nàdurra will be poured for one of the courses.  I hope you’ll join us.  Here’s the invite:

whiskey dinner invite

Yes, I know we screwed up on the spelling – the “e” is generally used for new world and Irish whiskies, not for Scotch.  It will be delicious just the same.

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