A shot at the bar?

A lot of things pair well with drinking – watching sports, eating peanuts/pizza/burgers/pretty much anything, dancing – but handguns?  Really? 

Two states, Tennessee and Arizona, have recently passed legislation making it ok to carry a concealed weapon into a bar.  The new laws in both states stipulate that armed bar patrons must refrain from drinking.  If the weapons are concealed, how will the bartender know who to serve and who not to?

The Colbert Report has produced a spot-on assessment of this situation by profiling one of Tennessee’s political leaders, Doug Jackson.  Check it out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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2 responses to “A shot at the bar?

  1. Shanther

    Also, what bartender would refuse to serve a person with a gun?

  2. thomas mckenzie

    It may have been illegal, but everybody in a bar in south alabama, usually has a pistol. It is just common sense, like frogs, if they had any sense, they would carry pistols in their pockets to shoot snakes with.

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