Salon pics

A big thank you to Anne, Ethan, and Marcella and her team for putting together a fantastic event this past Sunday!

I remembered to take a picture before diving in.

This was the line-up:

1st pairing
consider bardwell farm
west pawlet, vt
raw cows’ milk

mellow corn
heaven hill distilleries
bardstown, ky

 2nd  pairing
cabot clothbound cheddar
aged by jasper hill farm
greensboro, vt
pasteurized cows’ milk

hudson four grain bourbon
tuthilltown spirits
gardiner, ny

3rd   pairing
pleasant ridge 16mo.
uplands cheese co.
dodgeville, wi
raw cows’ milk

us * 1: unblended american whiskey
michter’s american whiskey co.
bardstown, ky 

 4th  pairing
jasper hill farm
greensboro, vt
raw cows’ milk

mckenzie rye whiskey
finger lakes distilling
burdett, ny

5th   pairing
bayley hazen blue
jasper hill farm
greensboro, vt
raw cows’ milk

templeton rye
templeton rye spirits
templeton, ia 

6th    pairing
shaker blue
old chatham sheepherding co.
chatham, ny
raw sheeps’ milk

death’s door white whiskey
death’s door distillery
madison, wi

Ethan and Anne doing their thing. Anne told us about the 22,000 sq ft cheese-aging cave in VT, how cheddar is made (did you know cheddar is both a noun and a verb?) and how those blue-green veins get into the center of a big wheel of cheese. Ethan compared the harmony of wine and cheese pairing to the grace that Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire shared, while noting that pairing cheese with whiskey was more akin to the "grace" that Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield shared.

Happy guests Tim, Michael, John and Alice

Some take-aways:

*When you pair Winnemere with McKenzie rye, the finish is similar to an atomic fireball (in a good way).

*The surprise pairing hit was #6:  white whiskey and strong blue – who would have thought? 

*I need to get a bottle of Mellow Corn and Michter’s #1 for my house.

Looking forward to the next Salon in 60 days!

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  1. Her Dad

    I did know that. As in, “my teeth cheddar when it is cold outside.”

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