In the cooler months we featured a French cider from Domaine Dupont.  Wanting to move through the remnants and make it more seasonally appropriate, Marcella had the genius idea to mix it with spiced rum and she dubbed it the Rum-sicle.

This cocktail tastes like an adult creamsicle.

2 oz. Sailor Jerry’s
2 oz. Etienne Dupont cider
1.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
3 dashes salt
3 dash cinnamon

Combine all & shake with ice; garnish with orange peel. 

As per our usual collaborative efforts, Marcella had a few folks around school taste it.  

The initial version didn’t have cinnamon and upon first sip Nils felt something was missing, and damn if he wasn’t right.  We used ground cinnamon, but you could also make a cinnamon simple syrup or grate cinnamon atop the finished cocktail.   I happen to like the pretty flecks we get with our current recipe.


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  1. marcella

    hmmm…i think you had the genius idea actually 🙂

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