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What does John know?

John Hansell, editor and publisher of the Malt Advocate, pens a blog with the same title as this post.

Yesterday he announced the impending release of McKenzie Bourbon.

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Thirsty hits the 1 year mark

It was a year ago today that I posted my first blog entry.  A big thank you to all of you following me along.

Cheers to warm weather, cold drinks and more blog posts!

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Pass the spit bucket

This is not always a glamorous job. Those red spots everywhere are not spilled wine, but spit from folks who either missed the bucket or made its contents splash out.

Today was the Louis/Dressner portfolio tasting and even though they were strict with the RSVP list, there was still plenty of pushing, prodding and spit bucket mishaps. 

Fortunately, their wines were good enough to distract me from the occasional elbow or splash back.  Some highlights: Jean-Paul Brun, Terres Dorées (if you think Beaujolais wines are silly, you haven’t had any made by this man), Matthieu Baudry (stellar wines from Chinon in the Loire Valley), Eric Texier (Rhône Valley wines, including a Côte-du-Rhône made with 80% grenache and 20% white grapes – look for this by the glass soon at L’Ecole). 

The wines that blew my mind, however, were from Radikon.  Located in Friuli, close to Slovenia, they vinify their white grapes as if they were making red wine; over 90 days of skin maceration and a minimum of 3 years aging in large Slavonian oak.  Their current releases for their white wines are from 2004.  My tasting companion summed it up by saying that the whites tasted like a salami sandwich.  Meaty, rich, round and salty; I had to agree.

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Skoal party

To celebrate the birthdays of Nils and Dave (and as an excuse for skoaling), there was a party this past weekend.  If this skoaling business is new for you, click here for full details.

Finger Lakes Distilling sponsored the majority of the booze. Have you ever had a corn juice cocktail?

The aquavit elixer, waiting for its next victims.

The ladies bring in the original skoaling Swede for inspiration.

Shouldn't these three start a band?

Their glasses may be missing, but there's plenty of love.


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These cocktail events aren’t foolin’

Tickets for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic went on sale at midnight last night and while a few events have sold out already, there’s plenty of fun left to be had. 

A cocktail party that takes up the entire New York Public Library?  A double-decker party bus featuring Pisco and Cachaça cocktails?  Exploring the terroir of tequila?  Yes, please!  The best and brightest (not to mention, thirstiest) of the New York cocktail scene will be there May 14-18.

I just got an email with a discount code, thanks to my friends over at Tasting Table.  Through April 15, you can get tickets for 3 events as well as the gala for 25% off by entering TTMCC2010 at checkout.  Cheers!

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They grow up so fast

Recent graduates of Food Blogging with Steven Shaw.

The last 6 weeks flew by.  Check out these noteworthy blogs born during that time:

My Third Child is a Restaurant: manuevering through parenthood and a career
Lickin’ It: a bad-ass ice cream blog
Eating My Way through My Quarter Life Crisis: no job, no boyfriend, no clue = no problem
What Would Cathy Eat: heart healthy recipes that don’t suck
A Fork, Knife and Spoon: adventures of a city mouse/country mouse; she has sheep!
Reubenography: exploring the Jewish deli through its bastard son

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One week from today (again)

Come taste Finger Lakes Distilling products with me at Morrell & Company!  Last month’s tasting was rescheduled because of the snow.

I’ll be at One Rockefeller Plaza (on 49th between 5th and 6th) from 4-6:30 pm on Friday 3/26, so you can get your weekend started early. Morrell sells the Seneca Drums Gin, the Glen Thunder corn whiskey and the McKenzie rye, but if you ask nicely, I might have a few other surprises in my bag. Hope to see you there!

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