Want one of these?

I created this blog because I took a class we offer at FCI called Food Blogging with Steven Shaw.

I was skeptical at first.  I’m not on Facebook and I don’t tweet, and lord knows there were plenty of people who had already beaten me to the punch. 

You might be thinking that most blog platforms are free and easy to use, which is true.   So why would you need to take a class?    

1. It’s fun.  You’ll meet like-minded folks, who are passionate about food and beverage.
2.  We’ll help you hone your concept and your writing skills.
3. There will be great guest speakers and networking opportunities.
4.  Even if you have a blog already, you’ll learn how to promote it and how to potentially make money from it.
5.  How can you resist this face?

The fearless instructor

My class ended in June and seven months later, I’m still enjoying sharing my passion for all things beverage.  Class starts again February 18.  Come join in the fun.


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4 responses to “Want one of these?

  1. Steven A. Shaw

    6. We serve bread at the beginning of every class.

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  4. This is to remove any ingredients from the marinade that are stuck to the
    chicken. Make Johnny cakes for a treat both at home and in camp.
    I use Campbell’s but your choice½ can milk (soup can)Chopped veggies such as red and green peppers or you
    can simply buy a bag of frozen stir fry veggies where you simply throw them
    in or frozen peas.

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