Trenta is not an Italian wine

Trenta is, however, a new cup size at Starbucks that will hold an entire bottle of wine.  31 oz.  Wow.  I’m no scientist, but I think it’s safer to consume this quantity of wine vs. this quantity of Starbucks coffee.  This video will help clarify things for you:


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3 responses to “Trenta is not an Italian wine

  1. That cup size is only for their iced drinks, not for straight coffee. Very few people gave 7-11 grief about releasing the DoubleBigGulp cup (outdoes the BigGulp and the SuperBigGulp) that can be filled with 64 oz of Mountain Dew.

  2. Her Dad

    I’ve never heard any grief about a six pack of beer which is 72 ounces. That trumps the DoubleBigGulp by 8 oz which puts me in a better mood than 64 oz of Mountain Dew.

  3. Her Dad

    Where’s Thirsty? Happy Valentines Day!

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