Happy New Year!

We’ve just gotten back from a trip to Thailand.  Two weeks without checking work email or turning my cell phone on has made me feel pretty amazing.  I’m recharged and thirsty for all of the adventures 2011 will bring.  Some photos for your amusement.

We landed in Bangkok at 8 am on Christmas Day and after checking in to our hotel, we headed straight to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, where they sold everything from electronics, to furniture, to baby squirrels (as pets!). This is our first cockail, a Singapore Sling.

An unfortunate name for this white spirit, made from grain.

For New Year's, we headed to Koh Phi Phi Don Island and this was a sign we found on one of the main streets. We got close to plenty of fish on the trip, but we didn't kiss any.

Red Bull style beverage with a beach-worthy name. Tastes pretty much identical.

Heineken was everywhere. I especially like the name of the drinking water.

Two "James Bond Martinis" at the Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel. You can see the entire city from 59 floors up.

Our last night included a meal at Bo.lan. This was one of their signature cocktails - Thai whiskey, ginger, lemongrass. Tasty stuff. Tried looking for the recipe on their website, but no luck. Inventive tasting menu worth checking out.

Other beverage notes: Carnation makes street coffee delicious; lots of canned coffee beverages, particularly from Nescaféand Birdy; the Coke Light tastes better than our Diet Coke. 

I returned very thirsty for wine, as it was hard to find and (relatively) expensive.  Apparently, there’s a 100% tax on it and a hotel manager told us most folks probably wouldn’t bother to carry it, except that most tourists are expecting it to be available.  Some wine is being made in Thailand, though I only saw it on one wine list and it was out of stock when I tried to order it.  We purchased a bottle at the airport, but because of increased security at the Dubai airport on one of our legs back, we had to give it up.


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3 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. richard

    Thai whisky is strange and addictive. I haven’t tried mixing it, but I imagine it would go well with ginger, or with lemon and other sour stuff. Sounds good.

    Was Uncle Tom an Old Tom? Or is that too much to ask?

    And I for one prefer Chang to Singha.

  2. Her Dad

    The food on the tray with the Singapore Sling looks very much like fried squirrel. They keep them as pets until they fatten them up.

  3. heather greene

    I am now going to play with lemongrass, ginger and whisky this week. Thank You for posting! Heather Greene

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