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Sémillon you say?

An amusing article came out this week in the Telegraph.  The title, “Sémillon is the most mispronounced wine”, belies what seems to be an opportunity to make fun of British folks – not something you’d expect from a British publication:

*Ten per cent of people have complained that the waiter hasn’t poured them enough wine, when the intention was for them to taste it.

*One in twenty Britains have asked for a slice of lemon in their wine glass according to the poll of 3000 adults.

*One in twenty have “moaned” to a waiter that the wine is corked, not realizing it came from a screw-top bottle.

*Five per cent of the nation vigorously swirls the wine around in the glass to allow it to breathe but then embarrassingly spills it on themselves.

*16% of people who completed the poll said they often just order a bottle of expensive wine just so it looks like they know their wine, when they haven’t a clue what they’re actually drinking.

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