“If your body can take it, you might as well buy the cheaper liquor”

This is a great quote from a  Washington Post article that ran today. 

No surprises were revealed – people are drinking more in this economy, but they’re doing it at home instead of out at restaurants or bars, and many of them have switched to cheaper brands.  Folks outside New York are taking the Costco approach, buying big to save money. 

My advice from yesterday’s post still stands.  Popov will do bad things to you.


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2 responses to ““If your body can take it, you might as well buy the cheaper liquor”

  1. Mixed feelings on that article. I definitely condone price-conscientiousness in drink, but I guess my personal “cost/benefit” crossover occurs on a different segment of the price curve.

    Sad to hear that the premade mixes are still gaining popularity… it’s good for the industry on the whole that more people are mixing, but… ugh.

    And I’ve long been an advocate of buying the handle when it’s a brand you keep in stock for yourself regularly. If it comes down to it, you can funnel back into a fifth for pouring purposes.

  2. While Popov is nice, I prefer Wolfshchmidt.

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