Pouring tableside

Over the summer I wrote a short piece about how a restaurant can show it cares about wine. 

I didn’t include pouring wines by the glass tableside on my list, but I should have.  The Detroit Free Press ran a great article on the subject a few days ago, citing how it’s a disappearing courtesy. 

I certainly understand the need to control costs – the main reason given for the decline of tableside pouring – but I also believe in the power of staff training.  If, as an owner or manager, you don’t trust that your staff will be able to pour the 5 or 6 ounces that comprises your glass of wine, what does that say about you?  The more you empower your staff, the better they will perform for you.   In the long run, you will also save money by allowing the guest to sample the wine prior to commiting to a full glass. 

The article didn’t mention it, but seeing the bottle is an important part of the drinking experience.  It’s nice to know that what you’ve ordered is what you’re getting and seeing the label can be a helpful tool when it comes time to remember the wine that you liked (or would like to avoid).


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