First taste of Germany

Lufthansa beerMy first taste of Germany was on Lufthansa airlines last night.  I know this is a wine trip, but they were serving wines from Australia, so I thought a German beer would be the proper way to kick things off.

The Warsteiner Premium Verum is a crisp, clean, refreshing pilsner-style beer – the perfect thing when you’re packed like a sardine into a stuffy plane.

What I love about this shot though is the bag of crackers with a picture of a German vineyard on the front.  These folks are going to be serious.

The flight attendants mistakenly equated my blond hair and blue eyes with an understanding of German, but sadly at this point in time I’m not much past guten tag.


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2 responses to “First taste of Germany

  1. Her Dad

    Of course they think you are German stupnagel. Sie Sind Eine Schonejunge Dame!

  2. Shanther

    That looks like really good airplane beer.

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