That bubbly is bitchin’

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I had the pleasure to meet Dan Philips this week and to taste one of his newer products, a sparkling version of the very popular Bitch Grenache. 

Upon the wine’s release last August, Dan put his thoughts down on paper and many of his comments are worth sharing with you.  “Over the years I’ve heard about every possible idea for line extension: Big Bitch (magnums), Skinny Bitch (riesling), White Bitch (chardonnay), Clos de la Bitch, Dom Bitch, Sine Bitch Non, Cloudy Bitch, and on and on…it straddles the line like a delicate tight rope walk between popular culture and fine wine, PT Barnum and RMP, Jr., Meryl Streep and Zsa Zsa Gabor (think Paris Hilton with an accent if you’re too young to remember Green Acres,) Krug and….? Well, something that has not yet been invented.  Until now.  It’s called Bitch Bubbly.  I can try to describe it, but you have to taste it AND see it to get it.  It’s pink.  It’s bubbly.  It’s basically a blanc de blancs with a hint of grenache.  It’s redolent of strawberry mousse.  It is made by Chris Ringland and has his trademark, crisp and vibrant balance.  And, it’s about the sexist thing you’ve ever seen in a bottle.” 

There you have it.  It’s made by a rockstar wine maker, it’s under $10 and it has a crown cap.  What’s not to love?

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