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Old gal

Rye, Aperol and vermouth; happy together

I was a guinea pig for my friend Leo last night at EMP, as he tested some of his spring cocktail ideas.  Today, I re-created my favorite; it’s a take on an Old Pal and Leo is thinking of calling it Old Gal.

The original is:

1 oz. whisk(e)y – I’ve seen recipes using bourbon, blended and rye

1 oz. vermouth – Some recipes call for either dry or sweet

1 oz. Campari – one substitution I’ve seen here is grenadine

Leo mentioned that he had used rye, Aperol and equal parts dry and sweet vermouths.  Here is what I did today:

1 oz. McKenzie rye

1 oz. Aperol

1/2 oz. Dolin Blanc (slightly sweet)

1/2 oz. Dolin Dry

I combined all ingredients over ice, stirred and strained into a rocks glass.  Leo served his with a large ice cube and an orange peel garnish, which I think is the way to go.  I could see orange or rhubarb bitters in this drink, to play off the prominent notes in the Aperol.  Candied rhubarb could also be a pretty, spring-appropriate garnish.

To see where else I’ve spread the Aperol love, click here, here or here.  This drink might also remind you of a Boulevardier.  Cheers to warm weather and cold drinks!

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Wine on tap

An article ran last week in SF Gate about several restaurants in California and beyond starting to serve wine on tap.

Gus Vahlkamp, one of the wine directors interviewed, stated, “One of the things that’s always bothered me about wine prices is that you can’t get a decent glass of wine for the price of draft beer…here you can try a glass, and it’ll cost you $4.”  Hells, yeah.

I just read today in NY Mag that the new branch of Terroir opening in Tribeca will feature a Finger Lakes Riesling on tap.  I hope it’s just the beginning.


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These cocktail events aren’t foolin’

Tickets for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic went on sale at midnight last night and while a few events have sold out already, there’s plenty of fun left to be had. 

A cocktail party that takes up the entire New York Public Library?  A double-decker party bus featuring Pisco and Cachaça cocktails?  Exploring the terroir of tequila?  Yes, please!  The best and brightest (not to mention, thirstiest) of the New York cocktail scene will be there May 14-18.

I just got an email with a discount code, thanks to my friends over at Tasting Table.  Through April 15, you can get tickets for 3 events as well as the gala for 25% off by entering TTMCC2010 at checkout.  Cheers!

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